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Product Name: Formestane
Synonyms: 4-hydroxy-androst-4-ene-17-dione;4-hydroxy-delta(sub4)-androstenedione;4-HYDROXYANDROST-4-ENE-3,17-DIONE;4-HYDROXYANDROSTENEDIONE;4-HYDROXY-4-ANDROSTENE-3,17-DIONE;4-ANDROSTEN-4-OL-3,17-DIONE;4-OHA;CGP-32349 
CAS: 566-48-3 
MF: C19H26O3 
MW: 302.41 
Packing: Customized package as you require
Appearance: White or almost white crystalline powder
Usage An antitumor drug. An aromatase inhibitor 
Usage antineoplastic, aromatase inhibitor 

Formestane Dosages
The most common version of formestane sold was in a topical gel form and it was dosed at 100-200mgs per application. Users would apply it onto clean, dry skin and rub in thoroughly; usually on the thighs or upper arms. It took 1 to 5 minutes to dry.

The injectable version for both breast cancer purposes and bodybuilders is 125mgs twice per week or 250mgs once per week.

WhatsApp: +86 13129957748
Skype: lesley_1817

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