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Reaman Industries specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of potable water treatment systems, waste water treatment plants, pumps and pumping equipment and electrical controls. We are a global company with extensive partners and working relationships to streamline your design, build and installation. We have an extensive history in large scale water management systems and electrical installations within New Zealand and particularly the South Pacific. Initially, more than 30 years ago, Reaman Industries was an agency for many of the world's best pump systems. Over time we diversified into the design and manufacture of motor control centres, with sophisticated programmable logic controllers, incorporating telemetry and controlled variable speed systems. Environmental pressures are constantly pushing for increased efficiency in pumping and treatment systems. Reaman Industries has kept pace with these demands, and in many instances, we have provided solutions that exceed client expectations. Whether your project is large or small, Reaman Industries has the experience, commitment and resources to meet your demands. Getting your project done right is our top priority.
Our Team
Phil Read (Founder & Director)
From 1965 to 1982 Phil established and ran a successful electrical contracting business employing 80 electricians on a contract for the Pan Pac pulp and timber mill. The electrical business was dis-established in 1982 and Reaman Industries Limited was formed to focus on the pumping and water treatment industries. From the early 1990’s Phil has been involved in the understanding and development of wastewater treatment processes. In partnership with other parties Phil has led Reaman Industries involvement in the design and construction of a number of wastewater treatment plants and aeration systems in new plants and upgrades of existing plants throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.
Steve Riley (Service Engineer)
Steve started his working life as a garage mechanic for 15 years, before moving to Classic Sheepskins to look after their maintenance and engineering requirements for another 15 years. Steve joined Reaman Industries in 1999 as our serviceman progressing up to the workshop foreman and is now the service engineer and has worked with our clients throughout New Zealand, but predominantly in the Hawke’s Bay. In addition he has worked on jobs in Fiji, Samoa, Tahiti and the Chatham Islands.
Brian Nicholls (Director)
Brian originally from a plumbing industry background has an extensive background in business in New Zealand and overseas. He brings considerable business acumen and management skills to Reaman Industries. Brian works closely with Phil and Paul looking for, and developing new business opportunities for both Reaman Industries and associated collaborative groups.
Sharleen Nicholls (Administration Manager)
Sharleen looks after all the reception, administrative and financial functions for Reaman Industries and is the glue that holds everything together.
Te Maunga WWTP Upgrade 2005, Mt Maunganui (Tauranga City Council)
The Te Maunga Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) provides wastewater treatment for the domestic, commercial and industrial communities from the Mount Maunganui and Papamoa catchments. The WWTP is located south of Tauranga and was commissioned during 1996. The first upgrade took place in the year 2000, which entailed modifications to the aeration control and distribution system and the installation of additional diffusers. The plant was designed as an extended aeration activated sludge system, utilising an oxidation ditch configuration. The modifications to the bioreactor and the provision of additional aeration capacities resulted in doubling the organic and hydraulic capacity of the existing plant (from 8,000 m3/d to 16,000 m3/d) and controlling nitrogen removal more effectively. The design of the aeration system was critical to ensure that minimal disruptions and downtime occurred during the removal of the existing ceramic diffusers and the installation of new banks of diffusers. Divers were used to install brackets on the tank floor. Tube type silicon membrane diffusers were installed in all the aeration zones. The banks of diffusers are removable and can be lifted out of the tanks using a 50-tonne crane. The removal of the existing diffusers, the installation of the new banks of diffusers and the connection and extension of the existing pipe header had to be carried out progressively, to ensure continued treatment of the incoming wastewater. This project was completed on time and under budget including: 20% overall site power saving, which equates to at least 30% power saving on the aeration system as reflected in lower airflow requirements Lower utilisation of blowers which means longer life expectancy Doubling the treatment capacity from 32,000 EP to 64,000 EP
Kaipatangata Water Supply (Carterton District Council)
Reaman Industries designed, supplied and installed a 200m3/hour Multi Layer Filtration/Bag Filter System, including pipework and valves, programmable logic controller and motor control centre including testing and commissioning the system. This was the first of its type in New Zealand and was designed by Water & Waste Treatment NZ Limited in a joint venture with Reaman Industries to provide not only water of a quality to exceed the drinking water standard of New Zealand, but to ensure the removal of water born protozoa including giardia lamblia and cryptosporidium cysts. It is considered by leading world authorities on water treatment, that the removal of giardia from drinking water only requires the removal of particles greater than 5 micron and for the removal of cryptosporidium particles 2 micron and greater. However, this system includes a 2-stage filtration process to ensure the removal of 99.9% of all particles 1 micron in size and larger (the naked eye detects particles greater than 80 microns). As a result of the filtration process, the water leaving the plant will not only be free of parasites but will be close to bottle water quality. The computer-driven plant is close to being fully automatic and requires little operation attention. The free chlorine residual and the pH is automatically maintained and the turbidity of the water is measured both on entry to the plant and after treatment. Flow is continuously measured and totalised. This system utilises Bruner multi-layered filters with a 10 micron particle retention followed by bag filters with 1 micron absolute retention to ensure the removal of all water born protozoan cysts including giardia and cryptosporidium. Disinfection and pH is fully automated with the latest chlorination and monitoring equipment from Capital Control Co Inc of USA and the plant operation is controlled by Allen Bradley PLC.
Water Treatment Plant (Central Hawke’s Bay)
Reaman Industries supplied a 20m3/hr water treatment plant to produce potable water to the School’s spring water supply. The water is filtered to 5 micron and softened through industrial water softeners at the end of this process. The treated water passes through taste and odour treatment processes prior to entering the school’s reticulation system.
Rotating Biological Contactors Waste Water Treatment Plant (Village of Luggate, near Wanaka)
In 2003 Reaman Industries supplied and installed a 110m3 waste water treatment plant in the Village of Luggate which is adjacent to the township of Wanaka. This project was completed to time and budget. After discussions with the consulting engineer MWH, an S&P subsurface RBC complete with primary treatment tanks, filtration and disinfection processes were supplied and installed. The treated effluent is discharged to deep bed disposal trenches which are rotated on a regular basis.
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