Mission: Violin Music Academy, Aims to spread the Love of Music, One Mind at a time, Improve Cultures, Bring People together, Flourish Economies, & Revolutionize the Violin, Together With all Musical instruments.

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Violin Music Academy
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“Violin Music Academy” is an International Brand and Online Academy of Fine Arts supporting Music Education. We aim at becoming a Free supplementary Learning and Teaching platform for all musicians’ musical studies by building up our databases and resources continuously. VMA also aspires to provide interesting and useful information about music for musicians, especially on Violin playing on our website and social media platforms. All our resources are provided absolutely free and accessible to anyone, everywhere. Violin Music Academy can be integrated into all forms of Music Education in any organisation, be it in a school or privately, so that’s our versatility! Everybody can use our website, whether you are an orchestral player, soloist, acoustic or electric violinist, play other instruments, or just a music lover and fan, this is for you! We are located both primarily in New Zealand and Singapore, with secondary locations in Hong Kong and Russia. Our friends and partners can be found around the globe managed by the VMA team! VMA conducts lessons in New Zealand and Singapore, our academy incorporates the love of music and aviation through the mission and vision of our founder, acting as a one stop hub to connect people all around the world. Our logo is an infusion of Music, Aviation, Entrepreneurship and Engineering. Violin Music Academy is currently also expanding internationally to other places on the globe. If you are interested in partnering us, do send us a message! We will love to be in touch with our friends around the world. Stay with us on our journey as we grow this brand! Follow us, Music is Love.
Our Team
Benjamin Lim (Founder & Director)
Ben’s education background encompasses a wide variety of Aviation, Engineering and Music skills. Besides completing all his ABRSM graded exams in Violin and Music Theory mainly under Ms. Dilora Yakubova, and currently going through a diploma in Music, he holds an Aviation Bachelor’s Degree from Massey University (School of Aviation), is a Commercial Pilot, was previously a RSAF (Republic of Singapore Air Force) pilot trainee, have an Aerospace, Computers and Engineering Diploma from Singapore Polytechnic, and also attended Nanyang Technological University of Singapore for an Engineering undergraduate degree. Other accomplishments includes many leadership roles he has been involved in!
Lauw Jiyi (Senior Teacher)
My teaching career first started as a part-time stint for the sole purpose of earning a little extra pocket money whilst pursuing my academic education in University. By the time I graduated, I knew that teaching music was my calling. Teaching music, or any other subject for that matter, is a difficult journey filled with plenty of ups and downs. Before I started teaching, I never imagined that I would feel such immense stress and anxiety when preparing some students for the exams or for concerts. I had not expected to feel frustrations and disappointments so deep, when my students neglected to practice. Yet, on the other hand, I never thought that their improvements, no matter how little, would bring such joy and fulfillment to my life. There are moments where my students are daunted by a challenging part, (sometimes even to tears) and they finally overcome it by listening and following my instructions on how to tackle it. This is most fulfilling to me, as I enjoy building up their confidence in their ability, and watching their wide smiles upon realising that they have just accomplished what they previously thought was impossible. Teaching is my passion, my dedication is to the music and my responsibility is to ensure that my students improve at every single class. Although I am the teacher, many times it is they whom I learn from. Some posture and bow hold mistakes are very common amongst all students, and watching and listening to them, and realising the solution to the mistake makes me grow as a teacher. Everyday, my students help me grow as a person as well, and it is through them that I have learnt numerous important life lessons. It is through teaching, that I have also come to understand that patience, empathy, and tactfulness are not simply nice virtues to strive for, but is required of anyone who is a teacher. I hold a Diploma in Violin Performance with Distinction from the Trinity College of London, along with a Bachelor of Science in Business with Second-Class Honours from the University of London. I am also registered with the Ministry of Education in Singapore (MOE) under the AMIS scheme, where I teach Violin Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) at three Primary Schools. I have been teaching privately since 2009, and have been teaching in the primary schools since 2011. Over the past six years, 72% of my private students’ ABRSM exam results have been Merits and Distinctions.
Dilora Yakubova (Mentor & Senior Maestro)
“I am Dilora Yakubova, graduated in Violin and Teaching from The State Conservatory of Uzbekistan and living in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan ( the former Soviet Union) I have 11 years experience as a Senior Violin Teacher in Singapore, from the beginner to Diploma levels in Cristofori school of fine arts, with 100% pass rates for my students, scoring mostly distinction and merit results. I also have about another 15 years experience as a full time violinist with the National Symphony Orchestra and currently am playing for the Chamber orchestra of TV and Radio of Uzbekistan.”
Violin Music Academy
A Music Academy of Fine Arts for everything Violin, and of course not forgetting all the other instruments too! A supplementary to your Music Education.
A comprehensive review on the benefits of music.
Aleksey Igudesman: Tango Sin Nombre
a tango piece for violin duet. Yakubova Dilora & Dang Thanh Trung, violins
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