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Sunshine Media is a creative World Media Company with the Headquarters based in Auckland, New Zealand. We’re a client focused service business with a diverse team of enormous talent and creativity. Our expertise are in television, video, interactive and web-based media, graphic design, we are professional, creative, and energetic team and we aim to create work which is vibrant and contemporary. Whatever the job our mission is always to create the quality and exceed expectations every time. At Sunshine Media we offer concepts and creation, production management, Animation and high quality post production services. Our work has been broadcast on TV, burnt on to DVD, uploaded to the web and downloaded to ipods.
Our Team
A new media entrepreneur with unique vision for creating video growing business, over 10 years experienced manager of TV station in China, an expert of media management, event planning, video production and its producer, passionate about giving more access to great videos that effectively promote the business and the videos that people love.
Excellent communicational and organizational skill of Event Management and marketing, passionate creative at heart,qualified with Internal Auditor Certificate, professional in event planning and office management.
I have over 4 years experience in the graphic design industry. I have worked for various design and advertising agency in Iran and I have worked as a freelance graphic designer and video editor in New Zealand.
Camera man, Film Directing and video production
No one knows your business or organisation better than you so it’s important that we work closely together here to ensure the right message gets delivered in the final video production. Some important things to consider in the planning stage are who the audience for the video will be, the message or content you want to deliver, how long the video should be, the budget as well as the resources, people and locations within your business or organisation that you already have available.
All video shoots are carried out using professional quality equipment ensuring a crisp HDSunshine Media video image and quality sound reproduction. The script and shooting schedule will all have been worked out in collaboration with you during the planning stages and will be used to guide us through acquiring the raw footage. As we work through the schedule you will be able to make any necessary changes to ensure your video stays on message. Sometimes acquiring a video image of something just may not be practical, in this case it is often a good option to incorporate pre-existing still images of that particular aspect into the production.
This is where your video will come together. Editing, sound mixing, colour grading and the addition of any graphics will all be completed keeping the script, your brand and the message you want to deliver in mind. Any logos, still images or graphics that you would like used can be creatively incorporated into the video to enhance the production. Production music, if required will be sourced and checked with you first before the music licensing is purchased and the music added to the sound mix.
When a video is ready for viewing it will be uploaded to a secure website. You will then be able to review the video at your leisure and request any changes. Once the changes have been made and everyone is happy, the final production will be delivered to you in the video formats you require as a hard copy (on disk), this often means including one optimised for internet upload as well as a full high quality HD version. Possible formats include DVD, AVI, H.264, Flash Video, Quicktime Video etc...
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Bailuhu TV Commercial
BAILUHU COMAPNY - TV Video Commercial
TV Commercial
TV Commercial
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