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Nite Spice - Taste of India Indian culture is to a great extent “kitchen culture” and this is manifested in diversity of food, and culinary habits. At home no cultural or religious event is complete without cooking, partaking, distribution or offering of food. No religious or public function is complete without food. There is an ancient Indian saying “ANNAM PARA BRAHMA SWA ROOPAM” which means that “Food is a manifestation of God - the ultimate reality”. Further, we are what we eat. What we eat determines our mental as well as physical state. Food that is freshly made, prepared from fresh ingradients, and tasty promotes happiness, arouses warmth and even kindles passions. We serve North Indian cuisine. In the western world more Indian restaurants serve the North Indian cuisine. The same is true of cookery shows on TV and cooking books sold. The North Indian Food is characterised by sauces made of onion or tomatoes or their combination. These may be flavoured with ginger, garlic, yogurt, lemon juice and a variety of spices including turmuric, coriander, cumin, chilly peppers, cardomom, cinnamon and cloves. As part of our philosophy we promise to cater true Indian food – simple yet exotic; personalised and satisfaction focused, and; happiness and passion enhancing. At Nite Spice we proudly proclaim that: ‘‘Spice is our name and Spice is our passion!’’ The secret to the distinctive flavors and choice offerings on the Nite Spice menu can be found in the rules of the kitchen. These are: * Freshest ingredients * Less oil * No colouring * No cream (unless absolutely necessary) * Trusted recipes * No shortcuts * A passion for good food and a love of what we do! Nite Spice has been proudly serving our customers in Mt Eden for 10 years, with owner and founder Gurp on hand to ensure the dishes are matched by impeccable service and hospitality. If you have a health or dietary request, please just ask. Take a journey along the delectable spice trail ... of Nite Spice
Our Team
Chef Dinesh (Our Chef)
Motivated by his mother and her restful culinary art in the kitchen, Chef Dinesh Rana has invariably been enthusiastic about Indian food. Dinesh culinary career began more than 20 years back as a adolescent boy growing up in Garhwal India and mastering the art from his first guru his mother Mrs.Ludra Devi. At the age of 17, he had grew a full-fledge love for good food and knew that he wanted to learn culinary arts. From the beginning itself he proud himself on giving an over-the-top experience to Indian food lovers that they would remember all their life. Chef Dinesh completed his apprenticeship at the 5 Star Hotels in Delhi. In 2006 Chef Dinesh was nominated for Rising Star Chef Award by Star Chefs for his role in shaping the future of Indian Cuisine and received several honors at various culinary show. His notable dish Chicken Tikka Masala made with yoghurt and paprika has always been appreciated by food lovers in India and New Zealand. Before coming to Nite Spice Chef Dinesh gain a broad array of experience in famous restaurant and Hotels in New Zealand and India. He started his chef career as a curry cook at Hotel Chevron International and later Indian CDP Hotel Imperial Executive in Punjab, India. He came to New Zealand to his position as head chef of Curry n Spice Indian restaurant Birkenhead Auckland. Chef Dinesh is delighted working with Nite Spice since spring 2008 and leading the kitchen as Head Chef and playing a key role of Indian Culinary Ambassador among Indian community in Auckland. In other words we can say that Chef Dinesh is a genuine epicurean and loves to feast his guests by his new delicacies and love to get their feedback as he believes this will help him to refine his art. His culinary art and deeps thoughts contemplate the latest trend towards naturally nutritional and healthier diet. He constantly coordinate with nearby agricultural farmers and cultivator to seek out the best in local and regional organic produce especially sea food.
Nite Spice Has Made an Indelible Mark of Quality in Offering Diverse Cuisine in Auckland
Nite Spice is a widely accepted restaurant for its unique array of cuisine representing varied countries of the world, such as Indian, Thailand, European, Chinese, and Italian etc that will cater to the special food habits of visitors enjoying a vacation trip to Auckland. The dishes that we serve are mostly prepared as per the cooking styles of each country so that visitors can feel at home when they enjoy the food items in Auckland city. In short, Nite Spice is a home away from home. We welcome our Indian guests with all the courtesy that they use to receive in Indian restaurants in India. The serving staffs is well dressed and the manner in which they spread food items on your table itself add to the decor and ambience of the dining area. Nite Spice is a food paradise as far as non- vegetarian dishes are concerned. The aromatic chicken fry, mutton curry, the Lamb Korma and Palek Paneer; all will be delicious to taste along with Paratha or Chappathi. Also, you can order our special egg biriyani or grilled items that will appear on your table right from the oven so that it will take time to taste the first bite, even though we know that you are impatient to enjoy our delicious food items.
Feel At Home through Enjoying Indian Cuisine In Auckland Restaurants
High quality food is an important factor, among other things, which you need to ensure while making a trip to Auckland. It is true that your holiday get spoiled if you fail to access food of your choice, but your apprehension is out of place for the main reason that the city is a home to several high end quality Indian restaurants Auckland . These eateries offer a wide range of cuisines under one roof – Indian, Cantonese and Continental. The menus encompass everything right from Kababs to Tandoor, Curries and Dosas from India, Rice and Noodle dishes from China and a wide array of continental dishes like Chicken Veloute and Creamy Alfredo Pasta. There is always something new for you to discover with combos, as well as daily and weekly specials that you can opt for to suit your needs. The Tandoor (clay oven), Barbeque dishes, Naan, Roti, Palau Rice (Basmati Rice), in addition to flavorful appetizers, curries & desserts are very well presented, and savory selections of vegetables & non-vegetables, Pakoras & salad are sure to excite you.
Experience Varied Range of Eating Options In a Buoyant Ambience, While In Auckland
Auckland in New Zealand is a vibrant city that is loaded with vivid entertainment options, apart from fantastic cuisine offered by Restaurants in Auckland city. Auckland’s diverse cultures means you are spoiled for option, when it comes to restaurants. You can have the opportunity to enjoy dining on Pacific-Rim cuisine as well as fresh seafood or can get fancy with French dishes or can indulge in Italian food stuff or experience the flavour-filled Asian cuisine in these restaurants. These restaurants in Auckland aim to be a warm, a friendly gathering place where the food and beverage served constantly delivers what it promises and their service are personalised and attentive. The Best restaurants in Auckland are well acclaimed for offering cuisine that is country specific through retaining the unique taste of that country. These restaurants serve: • American-style grille serving with perfect cuts of the finest meat that is cooked to your taste. • Authentic Indian dishes that encompass curries, perfect naan, home-made chutneys and accompaniments, apart from a selection of fresh seasonal ingredients to design your favourite salad. • The Mexican cuisine flavours are big, spicy and complex, with ceviche and soft tacos filled with pulled pork, grilled fish or skirt steak. Moodily lit with dripping candles and whimsically decorated, Mt Eden restaurants instantly transport you to Mexico. You can have drink in the eclectic front bar or enable you to settle into the cosy dining area in order to explore the compelling menu. Apart from this, the exquisite array of dessert and chocolate fountain with fruit and marshmallow dippers can take you to the top of the world.
Experience Diverse Range Of Dining Options In An Upbeat Atmosphere In Auckland
There are several things you can do in Auckland, right from the mild to the wild. You should not miss to experience Auckland’s fantastic cuisine and wine, top class shopping and exciting adventure activities. Auckland, like its diverse exciting entertainment options, serves up an amazing range of cuisine from across the world, especially the Indian cuisine. You can choose from hundreds of Indian restaurants to treat your taste buds. It is not an exaggeration, if you feel to have the taste of India, while you are spending your vacation in Auckland. You will be amazed to see in these Indian restaurants, a broad collection of deep fried chicken and fish that will tempt you taste and lots of veggies and sauces that are cooked together by well experienced chefs. If you wish to have a starter, you can place order for soup, bread rolls and diverse fresh salad to have a good start for the sumptuous meal. Also, these Indian restaurants offer all kinds of meat, beef, pork, lamb, chicken for you to choose from and you can get it stuff grill to augment the taste. It is fascinating to watch the whole process of cooking the meat from raw to its cooked form; a rare enjoyable experience! As a visitor from India, you will certainly have the temptation to have the Real taste of India in the food you take. You can find several Indian cuisines spread on the table in many Indian restaurants in Auckland. These range from Aloo Gopi masala, Achari Murgh, Al Faham Dijaj, Aloo Mutter Sabji, Paratha, Bbq Chicken, Beef Biriyani, Butter Chicken Masala etc etc. that will carry the taste of India.
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