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Auckland, North Island
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Auckland New Zealand is the premier location in New Zealand and is where budget call centre operates its answering and call centre facility. Auckland services all of New Zealand with 3 smaller cities on our program for next year providing training and education in rural areas but providing a global platform from those locations in New Zealand. New Zealand call centre are prodominant in Melbourne and Sydney for hotel reservations and ticket booking and want to offer this services to the UK and America from New Zealand.


Auckland is the hub of call centres in Australia, it offers a number of lower costs associated to the operation of a call centre facility and server hubs this is of course reflected in our pricing. It is more an more affordable than Australian Cities and thus lower rates for virtual call centre receptionist to our client in a english speaking inviroment. The call centres in Auckland New Zealand are able to offer 5 inbound outbound servers in cloud with this placed throughout the city and Wellington ands Melbourne Sydney we cover power outages and Generator failure as well as natural events. This never happens but should it we are covered for redundancies. In saying that we don’t leave security of operations as we also host your software and CRM info in other Cities as Sydney Manila Melbourne at budget call centre locations as well as Auckland answering services and Singapore Seagate call centre  and Manila Budget Call Centre if New Zealand went down we are still live as we would auto switch to the nearest server and continue with service as usual. Call centre operations also allow us to switch call centre locations and countries  as required should the need ever arise. We also can switch in between countries should the need ever arise.


Auckland call centre offers more for you dollar drives it further and with move security and comfort to our clients at substantially reduced rates.


Bigger Better budget call centre direct offers the chance to build business in Auckland Melbourne Sydney Brisbane and overseas using our call centre facilities to on market sell and deliver your products and services to anywhere in the world.


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